Rounds October Roundup

There have been a few changes in the Pawnbroking industry lately and there have been some fabulous changes in the retail market. Peoples attitude to recycling, waste and second-hand are changing too. Read on to find out more.

Rounds March Roundup

Time flies when you are having fun and, before you know it we are one quarter of the way through the year! What is happening in Rounds and what can you expect in the coming month? Springing into Action We have been making the most of the lighter mornings and evenings, not to mention theContinue reading “Rounds March Roundup”

Rounds February Roundup

The year is motoring along nicely and the weather has been simply glorious. Rounds have flung the shop doors open wide to enjoy the unseasonal warmth and welcome plenty of new customers. Heads up………you still have a few weeks but: don’t forget Mothers Day on 31st March! We have the last remaining Christmas reductions onContinue reading “Rounds February Roundup”

Get Healthy & Raise Some Cash!

Have a clear-Out and Sell to your local Pawnbroker. Happy New Year! At Rounds our New Year detox diets are well under way and soon it will be the house that gets a good clean because Spring is coming. It turns out having a good clear out can de-stress us, make us healthier, more creativeContinue reading “Get Healthy & Raise Some Cash!”

Welcome to Rounds Online…

Gary & I opened our first shop in September 2003. We left behind perfectly good jobs and leapt into the unknown. Here we are ’15’ Years later. People have been telling us forever; “you want to get yourselves online”. You were all right; and we finally did! Being born in the early 1970’s meant GaryContinue reading “Welcome to Rounds Online…”