Rounds February Roundup

The year is motoring along nicely and the weather has been simply glorious. Rounds have flung the shop doors open wide to enjoy the unseasonal warmth and welcome plenty of new customers.

Heads up………you still have a few weeks but: don’t forget Mothers Day on 31st March! We have the last remaining Christmas reductions on some great jewellery and some fantastic new pieces in store!

Brexit: Deal or No Deal

As politicians play ‘deal or no deal’, all the Brexit uncertainty means it is unclear how us regular folk will fair after we leave the European Union on the 29th March. I can’t imagine we will all become instantly rich, so the remaining scenarios are: it will cost us a lot or it will cost us a little. Either way we are likely to be left worse off financially with or without deals in place.

If you find yourself worrying about your finances the Government has a free and impartial Money Advice Service website with some excellent advice and guidance. Just click on the image below to visit the site.

Gold News

Gold prices have remained stable since January and as a result we have seen a surge in gold sales to us and we have some cracking new jewellery items in.

At Rounds we reserve the scrappping and melting of gold (and giving scrap prices) for broken jewellery. We prefer to fix and refinish an item and putting it out for re-sale. Not only does this put more money in your pocket for the pieces you no longer want, but it means that someone else gets to own a superb piece of jewellery.

This month we recieved a fantastic review from a customer who purchased just such an item from us…….

Local Pawn Stars Shop to the Rescue

Such helpful, genuine and friendly people. I had seen an item in the window at the Dudley branch, but wanted to buy it as a surprise gift, so couldn’t buy it that particular day. I only thought about it a couple of weeks later, so decided to contact Rounds via their Facebook message service. My message was vague, as I could only make a rough description of what I wanted, and wasn’t even sure if it would still be in stock. Even so, I received an instant, friendly reply.
I was told that as soon as the shop reopened on the Monday morning, they would take some photos and send them to me, of anything that seemed to fit my description. As promised, I was sent a photo of exactly what I wanted.
I was unable to pick up the item until Wednesday after work, but the item was kindly reserved for me, and I was even told that they would keep the shop open for a little longer than the official opening hours, in case I hit traffic on the way, etc.
I got there, and it was a perfect and easy transaction.
In a world where everything is becoming so impersonal, I was really made to feel special, nothing to was too much trouble for them. I was treated like I was someone known to them, not just a member of the public.
I really will recommend to any of you who are interested in anything to do with Rounds.
Thank you SO much. Keep up the good work 🙂 God bless xxx

Faith jones – google review

Thank you Faith and we are so glad we could help!

Don’t forget your Decluttering Folks! Pop it into Rounds for a quote and instant cash payout. We are always looking to buy stuff, especially weird, wacky or unusual pieces!

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