Get Healthy & Raise Some Cash!

Have a clear-Out and Sell to your local Pawnbroker.

Happy New Year!

At Rounds our New Year detox diets are well under way and soon it will be the house that gets a good clean because Spring is coming. It turns out having a good clear out can de-stress us, make us healthier, more creative and able to concentrate for longer! It can also put some cash back in your pocket!

De-Clutter and De-Stress.

We all hang on to things that we don’t want, nor use anymore, fully believing we will use them again one day. The truth is you won’t! In general, the longer you leave an item the less it will be worth and the more clutter you are left with. It is now widely recognised by health professionals that clutter in your home can lead to anxiety and exacerbate depression.

We hear it at the counter a lot. Folks worry needlessly about things they have abandoned in the loft or a spare room. Things they haven’t seen or needed for some years. The best thing you can do is get rid!

All you need is a bit of time. Grab a bag or box and just start putting things in, start de-cluttering, then bring it in to Rounds. Doesn’t have to be all at once. Bring it a bit at a time. If we think we can sell it, we will make you a cash offer, putting some money in your pocket and giving your items a new life. Then you can relax in your freshly de-cluttered home.

We Love To Buy Stuff!

Rounds rely on your unwanted items to stock our stores. Someone will be delighted with an item you didn’t want nor use.

We especially love to buy quirky or unusual items. So even if you think something has no value let us have a look. You may be surprised. At Rounds we have been buying and selling things for over 25 years so we can give you an open and honest appraisal of your things, giving you enough information to decide if you want to accept our cash offer.

If you decide not to sell to us, no problem. We are happy to help you and give you information.

How to De-Clutter.

By answering the following questions you should be able to tell if the item can go for sale:

  1. Have I used this item in the last year?
  2. Does this item have sentimental Value?
  3. Does it make me happy?
  4. Do I have another item that does the same job?
  5. Does this item still fit my home or current lifestyle?
  6. Will I realistically use this item in the near future?

Once you start looking you will be amazed at the number of unwanted and unused items in your home. Don’t just leave them to gather dust, turn them into instant cash and give them a new lease of life and there’s no need to spend your valuable time listing items online in hope they sell AND have to wait for the payment. We will appraise and test your goods on the spot and make you a cash offer with the minimum of fuss.

Benefits of De-Cluttering.

  1. You will feel good about yourself
  2. You Will love your new de-cluttered home
  3. You won’t need to worry anymore
  4. You will have some cash in your pocket
  5. Someone else gets a chance to appreciate the things you no longer need!

Extra Brownie Points for:

6. Doing your bit to save the environment! There is no sense in putting usable items into landfill when other green-minded and money savy folk will buy pre-owned over new!

…….and remember, it costs nothing but your time to sell to Rounds!

Want to know more about selling to Rounds? Click Here for out TOP TIPS on Selling.

Have an Item you aren’t sure you want to get rid of permanently? Or would just like to use your items to raise some cash with the option of buying them back? Check out our LOAN options, it’s basically deferred selling giving you time to decide.

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